What is Water Intoxication in Dogs?

Dogs drinking from dirty water

Can dogs drink too much water? It turns out that they can. Discover the dangers of water intoxication.

We are experiencing superb weather in the UK at the moment and the reaction from all us doggy peeps is to take our dog to cool, watery places, where they have less probability to overheat.

德国赛车Dogs overheat quickly, they have minimal exits to expel it. Paws and panting are their only options as far as I’m aware.

I popped a post-up on recently about the dangers of too much water intake with dogs and how it can have fatal consequences. I’d never heard of this before last year and I’ve had dogs for the last 45 yrs. Although water intoxication with our canine buddies, is not a common issue, it is very real.

Hot days we get out the hose pipe and sprinklers and play fun games with our dogs, we take them to the river, lake or beach to have cooler play in the water. I used to throw things for them to go and fetch for me, little knowing I could actually be putting their lives at risk. I’ve been very fortunate indeed, where others haven’t.

德国赛车Large intakes of water in a short space of time has a diluting effect on the body systems and imbalances occur, their bodies can’t cope and become over hydrated.

德国赛车So playing endlessly with the hose pipe and that could be anything from 5 mins to hours, (The amount the dog ingests will be different for each dog). If there is a situation where two or more dogs are going for the same toy, then they may gulp down more water, high-pressure hoses, normal hoses and sprinklers are fun but many dogs go into over reactionary and obsessive mode and gulp it down. Some may drink copious amounts of water after exercise, limit the intake and do not refill the bowl immediately.

So it’s important to monitor the games you play, they may look fun and are fun but can also have far-reaching consequences.

I now play with my dogs by the river and sea, we walk along with them in the sea and river and will bury a toy for them to find that is not in the water, just simply placed when the dog isn’t watching, behind a rock, in the sad, in a tuft of grass. They bring it back to me where I am in the water, so keeping them cool and a gentle swim and paddles suits far better without me worrying if I’m putting my dog in danger. Hosepipe play as gone, just a cool paddle pool replaces that activity.

Below is a super link about the signs and causes of water Toxicity by Dr Karen Becker Where she writes about how to prevent and also the dangers of not only clear water but also salty sea water.

德国赛车Interesting reference from healthy pets on intoxication

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