Complete | Working Dog Food

德国赛车The Complete | Working Dog food range provides your working dog with everything they require to stay fit and active. Exclusively formulated for working dogs, with both a higher protein and healthy fat content.

This food is designed to meet the nutritional requirements of dogs with active jobs to play. It has a slightly higher meat content with all of the healthy fats required to healthily sustain a sheepdog from dawn until dusk.

Reduced lectins
No gluten
No grains

All meat is sourced from BRC Accredited human-grade factories in the UK, and all of our fruit and veg is sourced locally.

We mince all of our meals through a 10mm plate twice to grind down bones and ensure ease of digestion and bioavailability of vitamins and minerals.

As part of our mission to improve dog wellness, we are striving to help working dogs avoid food intolerances, sensitivities or allergies. We do this by mixing the proteins in our meals and offering a wide range of flavours to lower the likelihood of these occurring.

We believe many types of allergies, intolerances or sensitivities德国赛车 are increased by feeding dogs the same protein every day. We rotate seasonal berries and vegetables, for their freshness, nutrient density and to also ensure variety.

Working Dog Feeding Guide

How to switch

Changing your dog’s diet to raw dog food shouldn’t be difficult, so we wrote this guide to make it as easy as possible for you. Most dogs transition very easily. Whether you are switching from kibble, wet food or cooked food, you should see a clean plate within seconds.

Ways to transition

The Straight Swap

Keep it simple. We suggest a straight swap. Feed your dog the last meal of their old food the night before, leave it 12 hours and make the switch the following morning. Why move over from a junk food diet slowly?

Phase It In

For some dogs, a move directly and instantly onto raw can be challenging. It all depends on your dog’s current state of health. Instead of an immediate switch, you can start slowly. Offer raw as a treat for the first few days and slowly build up. See how they respond and monitor their behaviour.

How much to feed

For an adult dog, we advise feeding them, on average, 2% to 3% of their ideal weight per day. Some need a little less and some need more. You must also take into consideration your dog’s size, their energy levels, how active they are and how stressed they may be.

Our meals

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