A Guide to Healthy Dog Poo

德国赛车Finally! Answers to the questions that all dog owners ask – what should dog poo look like, smell like and what does it tell you about your dog’s health? Why is it a certain colour? What can you do about your dog’s diarrhoea? How can you help a constipated dog?

99% of our customers surveyed said they saw an improvement in their dog’s poo after switching to raw dog food. [1]

Improve your dog’s poo, switch to Bella & Duke food today

What should dog poo look like?

德国赛车Mark, our CEO, reveals how raw fed dog poo is different and what a healthy dog’s poo should look like

Dog poo from a raw fed dog is firm and should have very little odour. It should take very little effort to pass, ensuring natural anal gland德国赛车 emptying. In a healthy dog, the colour will vary depending on the amount of protein eaten.

New to raw? Find out more about raw dog food here.

The smell of dog poo

Foul-smelling faeces can be evidence of inappropriate ingredients in your dog’s food. Your dog’s poo should never smell pungent on a raw food diet.

Volume / size of your dog’s poo

The volume of poo produced by dogs fed on raw diets will be significantly less than dogs fed on a processed carbohydrate-based diet, as there are no wasted ingredients.

Mucus on your dog’s poo

Stools covered in shiny mucus are a sign that your dog’s system is cleansing itself. This can occur when your dog has been on medication, has had a vaccine or a chemical wormer.

Expert advice for healthy poo

We interviewed two leading vet experts recently to get their opinions about ensuring your dog’s poo is healthy.

德国赛车Specifically what a healthy dog poo looks like, what you can do to help your dog with diarrhoea and constipation and what the colour of your dog’s poo means.

Dog poo, colour & consistency

Rowan, our Chief Nutritional Officer and Dr Brendan Clarke discuss diarrhoea, constipation, and what the colour of dog poo indicates in this episode from the Bella & Duke Health & Happiness Podcast series

德国赛车If your dog has any colour change that you feel is not normal, then go and speak with your vet. For example, if your dog’s poo is black and sticky or has flecks of white (worms), or you can see red blood (check for cuts).

A healthy dog poo scale

In this episode, Rowan interviews Dr Nick Thompson about a dog poo chart scale, like a Bristol stool chart for dogs, which will help you identify if your dog’s poo is healthy or not. We have our own dog poop chart you can use below this video.

Ideal dog poo chart

Where does your dog’s poo sit on our poo chart?

ideal dog poo chart

Ready for more manageable, less smelly dog poo?

Dog poo comparison chart

德国赛车This dog poo comparison chart explains the key differences between a raw fed dog’s poo and a kibble fed dog’s poo.

dog poo comparison table

Read our main article which compares processed and raw dog food, Raw vs Kibble dog food

Diarrhoea in dogs

Reasons your dog has diarrhoea

This can happen for many reasons, here are just a few potential causes of your dog’s diarrhoea:

  1. Picked up a bug on a walk
  2. Carbohydrate overload
  3. Raided the bin 
  4. Worms
  5. Stress
  6. Changing their diet too quickly

Solutions to diarrhoea in dogs

If your dog has diarrhoea, try the following: Fast your dog for 12 hours, Give extra water / bone broth, Visit a herbalist / holistic vet who may well suggest marshmallow or slippery elm, start feeding a single protein meal like cooked chicken for a couple of meals, add digestive support to your dogs meals

德国赛车Please seek medical advice as a priority if you have tried the above and your dog still has diarrhoea after a few days.

What the vet says about diarrhoea

“The best thing is to put them on a light version of their regular food for a few days. Avoid treats or unusual items, and give slippery elm (1/2 tsp per meal 10kg body weight twice daily) and a probiotic. We use at the practice.” 

Dr Nick Thompson

Is your dog experiencing IBS after switching to raw? Read Dr Nick Thompson’s article on IBS in Dogs

Constipation in dogs

Here are 6 suggestions to add to your dog’s diet to soften up your dog’s stool:

  1. Extra water with meals
  2. Apple cider vinegar (1 tsp per 250g)
  3. Extra virgin olive oil (1 tsp per 500g)
  4. Psyllium Husk powder to absorb water and bulk out poop (1/2 tsp per 250g)
  5. Digestive enzymes 
  6. Probiotics

What the vet says about constipation

德国赛车For constipation, we take a similar line to when a dog has diarrhoea. Feed your dog some simple, easily digestible food, add psyllium husk (double the dosing for slippery elm) and a lot more blended green veggies. 

Dr Nick Thompson

How our food helps your dog’s poo

德国赛车Our natural meals only include ingredients your dog has evolved to digest. These ingredients are only added if they improve the nutritional value of the meal.

Our food is free from unnecessary grains, gluten, fillers or sugars which often cause poo issues. We never ‘bulk’ up our food with these inappropriate, indigestible products. We simply blend the following

  1. High-quality cuts of meat
  2. Bone
  3. Seasonal veg & select berries
  4. A unique blend of healthy fats and oils

Getting the correct balance of fibre is vital to free your dog from IBD, runny poo or constipation and anal gland issues.

The veg and berries we include in our meals provide a perfect balance of fibre in your dog’s diet. 

What our customers say

As we previously mentioned, 99% of our customers said their dog’s poo improved on Bella & Duke[1], here is a snapshot of what those customers said

德国赛车“My Bella’s poos were often huge and runny and her farts could clear a room! Within about a week feeding Bella & Duke her poos became firm and so much more manageable with very little smell.”


“Kai had developed severe diarrhoea and was underweight. He was admitted to the vets for tests and put on fluids. They wanted to put him onto Royal Canin, but we decided to switch him straight over to B&D instead. I’m so glad we did. Within two meals his energy levels had surged … and he was producing solid stool consistently. I was worried that he would go from diarrhoea to constipated – but he didn’t, it’s all been perfect.”


“George was producing huge, soft smelly poo several times a day. I noticed a change in George after a few days in his poo.. I now have to use a microscope to find it! There’s that much goodness packed in Bella & Duke hardly any crap comes out: excuse the pun.”


“No smell. No mess. Easy clean up. Honestly I get a bit smug about my tiny poo bags on walks!”


Want the same for your dog?

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Footnotes & References:
  1. August 2020 survey of 3,142 Bella & Duke customers[][]

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