Innovative Paper Packaging Trial

Enriched paper packaging

In a bid to improve our polluted world, we are scrapping our plastic trays in the coming months. The first trial of our new paper trays began this week, with a selection of our customer base. We’re excited to get the feedback. Once the trial is complete we will do some final tweaks and make the big switch soon.

As we all know, plastic waste is contributing to global pollution at an alarming rate. We are determined to significantly reduce our carbon footprint over the next few years, a vital part of this is changing our packaging.

While our current trays are made from a recyclable plastic called polypropylene, they can only be recycled once before being discarded. This is not good enough.

Our new tubs will be 98% recyclable, which means you can pop them into your compost bin or your recycling bin once used. 

Here is a video introduction:

We love innovation at Bella & Duke and are always looking to stay at the cutting edge of our industry. As far we know, we are one of a few raw dog food companies to innovate in this way. Hopefully, more will follow in our footsteps.

Please note that, for now, this is only a trial period on our enriched range. We couldn’t hold our excitement any longer, we simply had to tell you. Unfortunately, we can’t switch immediately when the trial ends. We need to invest in automated sealing machines (our trial samples have all been sealed by hand for now!). There is a lead time of several months involved in ordering and receiving the equipment. 

Rest assured, we are on the case!

Want to switch over to an environmentally conscious raw dog food company? See how easy it is to switch in our guide Successfully Switching Your Dog Over To a Raw Diet

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  • Please let me know when the new packaging comes to your working dog food range and I’ll be coming back to you .

      • Hi, I’ve been watching this space and have seen nothing. Can you please update us?
        Thank you.

  • Is this still in the works? Would love Bella and Duke even more if the packaging was recyclable!

    • Yes Celia, we have been testing lots of different packaging materials to find one that is totally recyclable or compostable and is also sufficiently resilient for transport. Our present boxes are 100% recyclable and reusable and can be recycled by councils. The important characteristic of the boxes we use now is that they are manufactured from 100% PP5 which means that they can be recycled.

    • Yes, it’s still in the works and we are hoping that it will happen this year. We’re just waiting for the necessary equipment to be delivered and installed – although there has been a delay due to the pandemic so we’re unable to give a definite date at this stage x

  • Applaud this change. The plastic containers are my biggest reservation about buying raw so thank you for solving this one! Hope it’s rolled out very soon! Just fyi, I currently get a cosmetic in a fully recyclable tube that is made out of sugarcane – so there are definitely a greater selection environmentally materials available out there.

  • When is this being rolled out? I have been researching compostable packaging so this would be great.

    • We’re waiting for the necessary equipment to be delivered and installed.

  • Would love to see this go ahead. My local curbside recycling does not collect the current packages and I want something that I can either recycle or compost from home without having to save the containers and take them to a specific place to recycle.

  • Can you confirm when this is happening we have been Waiting but will have to change suppliers as it is just to much plastic.

    • The required equipment for the new packaging has been ordered and we’re just waiting for it to be delivered and installed at our factory.

      • What estimated timeframes can you share for that please? Like others, I’m considering a change as I’m not happy about the amount of plastic I generate across two working dogs.

        • We’re keen to get moved across as soon as possible – at the moment it’s looking like it will happen early next year x

  • We have trialled your products for a month and our pup loves them, however the amount of plastic is overwhelming in a month. Please could you update us on estimated launch date for your new packaging? Thank you.

    • Hi Tracey, we have been looking at 100’s of options, we believe we have found a solution and ar conducting some tests which we hope to share soon

  • Hi, we are holding off making our next order until you’ve got the equipment installed…. Any eta?
    Really happy you are making the change 🙂

  • The current plastic ones are recyclable as I use them and they can go in the plastic recycling. Unfortunately the new packaging will not be recyclable with my local authority.


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